Interior Design

Corporate interior design should not be haunted by “arty” or cosmetic overtones. It is well-known that a lasting impression is made by the first impression a company’s premises make. This impression will embrace its image, attitude and efficiency of operation. An impression not only made on visitors, but it has an on-going impact on its staff too.

Environmental conditions are an area of importance for Ergospace Africa. People are more comfortable and contented in surroundings that they can easily identify with. Ergospace Africa are on-hand to make recommendations for fabric coverings, carpets, screening, graphics, planters, lighting and air conditioning as well as specialist areas such as boardroom and executive suites, reception and canteen areas.

It is not just the appropriate furniture that increases productivity. It is the entire office environment – systems, interior design, climatic conditions, acoustics, lighting and physical comfort. Ergospace Africa is committed to achieve harmony between the office hardware and environment.

Every office needs carpets, blinds, screening, furniture, etc. but with numerous contractors vying for a slice of the décor pie, interior design co-ordination can all too easily get confused with sales pitches, price considerations and personal preferences. This is why the services of Ergospace Africa is not a luxury, but a necessity. Our role is to co-ordinate management objectives and suppliers to create exciting and efficient workspaces.

Ergospace Africa’s experience is that most clients are not design-orientated, so may have difficulty in communicating what they really want for their new or refurbished facility. We will help focus and clarify options to define exactly how each phase of the design process will contribute to creating an environment that positively influences visitors and employees alike.

Interaction between Ergospace Africa and the client will focus on the following priorities.

The pre-design phase will concentrate on an in-depth analysis of the existing and desired corporate image, and how any changes are to be implemented.

We will encourage management to involve their workforce, in a controlled way, by informing them of changes planned, layouts, décor, furniture, etc.

Sample boards or 3-D renderings are then presented to the client for approval and sign off.