Project Management

Managing a facilities project has often proved to be a mammoth management headache. Generally the project is handled by a company’s top executive members – logical – but impractical as the executives already have their hands full controlling the day to day operations of the company. To land them with the extra burden of a facilities project means that something else falls away – usually, however, both suffer.

With many major installations behind him, Barend is fully au fait with the inevitable bugs that can creep into even the best managed facilities project. Ergospace Africa has realised the need for a specialist division to assist with the planning, co-ordination and monitoring of client’s projects.

Careful planning is based on accurate information gathering and research. Ergospace Africa has developed checklists which can aid the project team to gather the right kind of information.

Selecting and co-ordinating contractors involves a highly specialised time plan – a critical path analysis. The analysis and more readable Gantt chart provide an overview of all events leading up to the end of the project. Should a contractor be delayed, the time plan can be reshuffled and re-planned, halting the multiplier effect and obviating delivery bottle necks.

Our project team also works closely with the planning and design team setting workplace standards and space allocation. Electrical and G.P.O. layouts have to be planned into or around the system.

Finally, sight inspections conducted on a regular basis forms part of this service. The project team knows what to look for, can anticipate problems and act on them before the effect spreads.