CThe Company

The driving force for the establishment of Ergospace Africa, was the knowledge that the office environment had outgrown the idea of a paper processing machine and had become more than a mere arrangement of desks and chairs. There are many other factors to consider
Rather than just selling desks and chairs on a one-off basis, Ergospace Africa sell a concept based on the premise that the working environment can, if optimal conditions are created, positively influence productivity. Value for money, rather than price predominates as the evaluative criterion.

Ergospace Africa provides a holistic, multi-disciplinary consulting, design and project management service in the development of work spaces in new buildings as well as the refurbishment of existing structures. We will provide the full co-ordination and management of projects on a turnkey basis.

MOur Mission

Provide the Right Products and Service, at the Right Price, at the Right Time.

VOur Vision

To be the most reliable service provider in our chosen market.

COur Commitment

We are committed to meeting the needs of all our customers in the most cost effective and quality efficient way.

AAffirmative Change

Ergospace Africa has been independently rated in terms of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Strategy and is considered to be a Lever 2 contributor.